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Workshop 1 - python

Workshop 1. Introduction to Python

Workshop 1. Introduction to Python: Workshop

Topic Length
Introduction 3 min
Builtin Types 2 min
A Simple Program 6 min
if Statements 3 min
Simplifying Solution 4 min
Defining Functions 4 min
More On Types and Iteration 4 min
More Data Structures
File I/O 22 min
Modules 3 min
Executing Scripts with Arguments from the Command Line 3 min
Other File objects

Workshop 5 - High throughput sequencing application part 2

Workshop 5. NGS Application Session 2

Workshop 5. NGS Application Session 2 Workshop

There are no video online materials for this workshop.

Workshop 6 - Shell scripting and cluster computing

Workshop 6. Shell Scripts and Cluster Computing

There is no in-class workshop material for this workshop.


The primary contributors to the BU Bioinformatics Programming Workshop Taskforce:

  • Gracia Bonilla
  • Rachael Ivison
  • Vinay Kartha
  • Josh Klein
  • Adam Labadorf
  • Katharine Norwood

We would also like to thank Gary Benson for his mentorship and support.

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